A Wicked online mountainboard magazine? Kind of…but not really. Epic coverage of the latest events and competitions? Sometimes, but don’t count on it. In the spirit of true freeride mountainboarding, Mountainboard.net’s purpose is to do what it wants, to follow the vibe that feels right, and to embrace the awesomeness of life.

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The Blog

“Blogulus Amoebus” is the collision of several morsels of mountainboarding awesomeness. Here you’ll find basic how-to articles, adventure and ride reports, occasional interviews or gear reviews, videos, and other stuff. It’s like your teeth after a good session, there might be dirt, grass, a leaf—who knows what else—but it’s all part of the ride. You can check it out for yourself right here…

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Choose from multiple, completely unique designs built into one incredible theme – no additional setup required. There are currently three Stacks to choose from (with more in development). Tell me more…
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The Products

This is a work in progress. Currently, the main feature is “23 Sessions Later,” which is a 23 session guide to improving your riding by zeroing in on the basics. More media-based products will be offered in the future. The goal here is to offer quality products at a low price that will benefit mountainboarders and increase high fives by at least 75%. Here’s the link to the products page…

We sought out the top internet marketing minds to share their expertise on building the ultimate theme. No other theme on the planet has this sort of brain power behind it. Meet them…
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The Connection

Share your stuff. If you have an awesome photo, a video—maybe you just got back from an epic, week-long session and you wrote it all down dear-diary style—share it with Mountainboard.net so it can be shared with your fellow riders. Age, skill level, brand loyalty, or whether you think the rhino would beat the gorilla in an all out death match, doesn’t matter a bit. This is an open invitation to all riders, click here to accept…

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Imagine being able to manage all aspects of your site using a live previewer so you can see exactly how that logo, font, or content layout will look before your publish. Now you can. Here’s how it works…
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