Ditching the Brake without Ditching the Brake

One of my issues with having a handbrake on a mountainboard has always been the simple fact that I don’t always want to ride with a brake. One solution to this has always been to simply disassemble the brake, or (if you can justify the cost) swap out your brake-wearing trucks. This solution is only helpful when you’re going out …

adminDitching the Brake without Ditching the Brake
Mountainboarding at Spoon Mine

Magura Brake Testing: Part 1

Since I’m now selling Trampa products here at, I thought it would be helpful to post a review or two from time to time. I have several of these reviews in the works, but I don’t want to rush them. I want to put the gear through some epic field testing first, which I will thoroughly enjoy. In the …

adminMagura Brake Testing: Part 1
Defining Mountainboarding

Defining Mountainboarding…For You

To come up with any sort of definition for mountainboarding, we would need to break it down into something a little more digestible. There’s a lot you can do within the sport. Some riders are entirely focused on perfecting the next trick in their freestyle arsenal, while others might never even attempt to leave the ground, choosing instead to keep …

adminDefining Mountainboarding…For You

Micro Terrain: Mountainboarding’s Constant Variable

Mountainboarders, even those new to the sport, have a deep appreciation for the effects that micro terrain can have on the ride. Micro terrain, as it applies to mountainboarding, is the stuff that makes up the stuff we ride. This goes beyond the broad categories of grass, rock, dirt. It’s the roots tangled across your path that make you drop …

adminMicro Terrain: Mountainboarding’s Constant Variable
Mountainbarding U.S.

Mountainboarding: United States is visited online by riders across the globe, but its headquarters are right here in the United State of America. Mountainboarding, in many respects, is the same no matter where you go in the world. Many pro riders who have traveled to competitions outside their home turf have commented on the unique culture we share as riders. It’s that …

adminMountainboarding: United States

Mountainboard World Boardercross Championship 2013

This is last year’s mountainboard boardercross championships footage (2013), but I don’t think the inspiration factor has a shelf life. Check it out if you haven’t already seen this one.

adminMountainboard World Boardercross Championship 2013

Jason Lee: Carving Moab Like Butter

This video features Jason Lee carving through Moab, with insane elegance. Mountainboarding is an amazing thing when done right. You have to have the right gear, you have to understand you terrain, but most importantly, you have to build your mountainboariding skills one ride at a time. It doesn’t happen overnight–even for riders who have a history of snowboarding, skateboarding, …

adminJason Lee: Carving Moab Like Butter

Operation Halloween Celebration

This year, for Halloween, I would like to write a special holiday post in order to sprinkle the flavor of mountainboarding in with uniqueness of this day. Inspired by the number of horror scenes that decorate many of the yards in my neighborhood right now, I thought this would be an appropriate time to showcase the strangeness of our own …

adminOperation Halloween Celebration